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C Apple Peel: How to fix COUNTRYERROR

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2012-10-08 18:44:28

Many customers experience a problem with their C Apple Peel after updating the software through Cydia.

Here is the solution to solve that problem.


- Make sure you have not installed the Apps from the Peel 520 (Yosion)

- Unistall C Apple Peel Apps before starting with the tutorial



1. Download: iPhone Explorer (for MAC and PC)

2. Connect your iPod with your PC/MAC

3. Open iPhone Explorer

4. Choose your iPod from the list

5. Go to this path: iPod/Root/var/root/Media/Cydia/AutoInstall

If the folders Cydia/AutoInstall are not shown in your list, you need to create them.

6. Download the App to your Computer: 

Download the App Files:

Download (all Firmwares) - T166, T168, T188

Download (all Firmwares) - T288

7. Drag the downloaded file to the following folder on your iPod:


8. After the file has been uploaded to your iPod, please restart your iPod

If the App Icons are not shown on your home screen, please open Cydia and restart your iPod again.

9. Now open the Dial App go to: Settings-About-Update and Update to the latest version.

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