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Is the new iPad mini Coming next week?

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2012-10-08 18:04:23

If you believe the rumors, the new iPad, called "iPad mini" will be released next week. There are new photos of prototypes, makeups, and cases showing up on the internet every day. Surprisingly those rumors happened to be true for the iPhone 5. We are pretty sure that the new iPad mini will be looking very similar to the pictures that are on the net right now. An iPad Mini would close the gap between the iPad 3 and the iPhone 5.

Even though there hasn't been anything like an iPad a couple years ago, we are pretty sure that this relativly new product will atract many buyers just like the "normal sized" iPad did. The size of the new iPad mini is also very similar to Amazons product "Kindle" and is a direct competitor of it. Besides the look of the iPad mini we are very excited about the price. What do you think? 

While we are waiting for the new iPad mini to be released, we are posting some iPad mini Cases in our shop. You can already pre-order them. If it happens that the actual design of the iPad mini will be different from the Cases, we will either refund your order, or get the right size for you as soon as possible.

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