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Gmate vs C Apple Peel - Review

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2012-10-22 15:28:39

Do you own an iPod Touch or an iPad and you wish you could make call on them? Or what about SMS messages or even browsing the web? These Apple devices come fully equipped to do all these functions, and have a great experience online, but they lack a very important piece, the ability to connect to a cellphone network. Unless you happen to have an iPhone, your device is probably left to the presence of WiFi signals. But now, there's a device that allows you to use your existing iPod or iPad just like if there was a SIM card inside of them, thanks to Gmate. Here's an overview of what this device allows you to do, and what it looks like.


Gmate is a small rounded device, smaller than your typical iPod Touch, and the only thing you can do with it is insert a SIM card which you get from a cellphone provider. That SIM card is your access to the world of cellphones. Thanks to it, the Gmate becomes a fully functional link to the rest of the world, with the ability to make phone calls, send messages or browse the web. Then, you download the accompanying software to your iOS device. This app works on both the iPad and iPod Touch. With it, you can connect to the Gmate using Bluetooth, and voila! You can now make phone calls. Basically, with this app running, your iOS device gains full access to the cellphone network and the Internet, without the need for WiFi. Even better, if you do have an iPhone or a 4G iPad, you can still use the Gmate to get a second SIM card, and use two different cellphone providers with it.


The Gmate itself is a fairly simple device. It comes in multiple colors, and all you really need to do with it is insert the SIM card, then keep it close to your iOS device, like in your pocket. They also have a new device called the Gmate Plus which has additional features like Bluetooth streaming and a vibrating alarm. Then, once the app is installed on your Apple device, you can access all the normal phone functions like the dial pad, the messaging app, and the web browser. People who call your number will also reach your iPod Touch or iPad directly, as long as your Gmate is still online and paired to your device. Of course it does require you to carry an additional device, something you wouldn't have to do if you had a phone with you, but it's a better alternative than buying a brand new phone, and at under $100, it's cheaper as well.


The Gmate isn't the first product to turn your iPod into a phone. The C Apple Peel for example is an iPod Touch case which does a very similar thing. The benefit of that one is that since it's a case, you don't have to carry a new device. However it only works with the iPod, you can't adapt the case to your iPad, you would have to buy a new one. So there are advantages to the Gmate here. Still, if that's something you could use, you can find more information on their web site.

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